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Antonio and Marieda Boschi Di Stefano collected over two thousand works. About three hundred of these have been selected for their quality and distributed in chronological order in the eleven exhibition areas of the Boschi Di Stefano Museum-Home by the curator Maria Teresa Fiorio, ex Director of the Civiche Raccolte d’Arte of Milan.
There are portraits of Boschi and Di Stefano at the entrance, with pottery by Marieda herself. From there, a corridor featuring canvases by Severini and Boccioni takes visitors to the “Twentieth Century Italian Room”, with works by Funi, Marussig, Tozzi, Carrà and Casorati. The “Sironi Room”, dedicated to that artist, also contains sculptures by Arturo Martini. The next room contains the Gruppo di Corrente, with seven works by Morandi and six by De Pisis. The Chiaristi painters are grouped in a small corridor, leading to the “Italiens de Paris room”: Campigli, Paresce; Savinio’s L’Annunciazione (1932); and de Chirico, with La scuola dei gladiatori (1928). The “Fontana Room” offers an exquisite ensemble of twenty works, while the last two rooms are reserved for the Picassian post-cubists, the Spazialisti, the Nucleari and the informal painters, including Piero Manzoni, with his famous Achrome paintings.
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