Fondazione Boschi Di Stefano


The Boschi Di Stefano Foundation

Has acquired the archives of the journalist and art critic, Liliana Bortolon, and of Dottoressa Mercedes Precerruti Garberi who was the director of the Civic Art Collections of Milan. These archives contain very interesting documents on the history of 20th Century art and the Bortolon archive in particular contains previously unpublished material on Massimo Campigli. The Foundation also holds an archive of the painter, Giannino Grossi, in storage.

Booksellers' funds

The Camesasca Library

At the headquarters of the Boschi Di Stefano Foundation it will be possible to consult, after cataloguing work and by appointment, the book collection of over seven thousand volumes by art historian Ettore Camesasca (1922-1995), left on deposit by the Camesasca heirs.

A multifaceted personality, Camesasca is known for his curatorship of the Rizzoli Art Classics and the organisation of international and other exhibitions, for his collaboration with P.M. Bardi in the setting up of the São Paulo Museum of Art in Brazil, and for his researched studies – both monographic and re-editions of classics – on artistic figures, particularly from the Renaissance.

The formation of a library focusing on monographs and texts related to the history of 20th century art and collecting is also underway.

The furnishings

In his last will and testament, Antonio Boschi

Stipulated that the via Jan apartment, where he and Marieda had lived for so long, be opened to the public as a museum-home, hosting a selection of works from their collection.

For reasons of security and conservation it was impossible to preserve intact what Ornella Selvafolta described as “an inhabited museum” whose “spaces, outfitting and furnishings seem almost overwhelmed by the works of art”. Only a few pieces were retained – among these a small table designed by Piero Portaluppi, and the Bechstein piano – consequently the Boschi Di Stefano Foundation arranged to purchase the necessary replacement furniture, chosen to harmonise with the period of the building and with the works displayed.

The ex guest room now houses a whole set of furniture for a study, produced by the firm Ducrot of Palermo around 1930, while the monograph room dedicated to Mario Sironi features a dining room designed by the same artist, and presented in 1936 at the VI Triennale in Milan. Equally worthy of note is the dining room furniture designed by Gino Levi Montalcini in 1949-50, and the “Agena” ceiling light of the Galassia collection by Alessandro Mendini, produced by Venini in 1993, installed in the ex master bedroom of the Boschi Di Stefanos.