Fondazione Boschi Di Stefano

Boschi Di Stefano

Supporting the House Museum since its establishment

The Foundation carries out its role of proactive collaboration with the City of Milan in favor of the House Museum and its fruition, including through in-depth cultural, educational activities, multimedia tools for visiting the museum and learning about one of the most extraordinary collections of 20th century Italian Art.

The Foundation

The Boschi Di Stefano Foundation was formed in 1998

Thanks to the achievement of an agreement between the heirs of Antonio and Marieda Boschi and the City of Milan to ensure fulfilment of the wishes of Antonio Boschi in his last will and testament to have a selection of the works the couple had collected displayed in the home where he had lived with his wife. In co-operation with Philippe Daverio, then City Councillor for Arts and Culture, it was agreed to establish a Foundation administered on an equal basis by representatives of the City and representatives of the family – assisted by the then Director of the Civiche Raccolte d’Arte, Maria Teresa Fiorio, curator of the collection’s current selection and display arrangement.

Cultural Activities

At the headquarters of the Boschi Di Stefano Foundation

It will be possible to consult, after cataloguing work and by appointment, the book collection of over seven thousand volumes of art historian Ettore Camesasca (1922-1995), left on deposit by the Camesasca heirs.
A multifaceted personality, Camesasca is known for his curatorship of the Rizzoli Art Classics and the organisation of international and other exhibitions, for his collaboration with P.M. Bardi in the setting up of the São Paulo Museum of Art in Brazil, and for his researched studies – both monographic and re-editions of classics – on artistic figures, particularly from the Renaissance.
The formation of a library focusing on monographs and texts related to the history of 20th century art and collecting is also underway.

The Museum-Home

Since 5 February 2003

The Boschi Di Stefano Museum-Home at number 15, Via Giorgio Jan, has been open to the public since February 2003. In these premises – once inhabited by the married couple Antonio Boschi (1896-1988) and Marieda Di Stefano (1901-1968) – about three-hundred pieces are exhibited selected from over two thousand works, donated to the City of Milan in 1974.
The collection – which comprises paintings, sculptures and drawings – is an extraordinary testimony to the history of Twentieth Century Italian art from the first decade to the end of the Sixties.

The Heritage

Among the testamentary wishes of Antonio Boschi

provided that the flat in Via Jan 15, where he and Marieda had long lived, would be opened to the public as a house-museum, housing a selection of the works they had collected.
The eleven exhibition spaces of the Casa-Museo Boschi Di Stefano house about three hundred of the more than two thousand works collected by Antonio and Marieda Boschi Di Stefano, distributed by adopting a chronological succession and qualitative selection criterion curated by Maria Teresa Fiorio, former Director of the Civic Art Collections of Milan.